Commercial Property

Richmond National provides specialized coverage for a broad array of commercial property
risks in the E&S marketplace throughout the United States. 
We offer All Risk, DIC and Single Peril coverage on a primary or excess basis.


  • “All Risk” including or excluding Earthquake and/or Flood
  • Difference in Conditions – Earthquake and/or Flood
  • Single Perils – Earthquake, Flood and/or Wind
  • No wind coverage offered in the following locations: Tier 1 or Tier 2 counties, entire state of Florida


  • Capacity of up to $5,000,000 for primary and excess coverages
  • Primary limits: target risks with $25,000,000 or less TIV with 1-5 locations
  • Excess limits: target risks with $100,000,000-$300,000,000 or less TIV with no limitation on number of locations

Target Classes

  • Entertainment / Recreation
  • Education
  • Hotels, Motels & Resorts / Condominiums
  • Light to Moderate Distributors and Manufacturers
  • LRO Commercial / Industrial
  • Personal Repair Services
  • Professional / Office Buildings
  • Real Estate Schedules
  • Retail / Shopping Centers
  • Vacant Buildings

Restricted Classes

  • Food Manufacturing / Agricultural Risks (Poultry, Meat Packing / Processing)
  • Foundries
  • Growing Crops
  • Highly Flammable or Reactive Chemical Distributors and Manufacturers
  • Oil / Gas / Petrochemical
  • Recycling, Tire Retreading
  • Woodworkers

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